Paul & Joe : Uptown Girl 073

Uptown Girl et Empire State

En plus d’un titre très peu original, je vous propose aujourd’hui de vous présenter le cousin de mon fard Empire State, le « Rouge à lèvres C » Paul & Joe en teinte Uptown Girl, issu lui aussi de la collection d’automne 2011.

Paul & Joe Uptown Girl

Paul & Joe Uptown Girl

Paul & Joe Uptown Girl

Je continue donc ma découverte de la marque avec ce premier rouge à lèvres, au packaging boudoir toujours aussi craquant, et dont la teinte Uptown Girl s’apparente à mon sens à un beau rose corail. Je suis ravie de retrouver sur le raisin ce sublime décor floral cher à la marque qui ajoute toujours plus de charme et d’esthétique à ses produits.

Paul & Joe Uptown Girl

Et voici le rouge porté :

L’application est très douce, néanmoins je trouve que la couleur ne s’applique pas de façon parfaitement uniforme et fait des « traces », un petit bémol certainement dû à sa texture crémeuse. Il y en a que ça ne gêne pas du tout, moi je ne suis pas forcément fan mais ça ne m’empêchera pas de porter mon nouveau joujou. L’odeur est identique à celle du fond de teint de la marque, poudrée et légère.

Un très beau rouge à lèvres qui rejoint donc ma collection et qui, une fois vide, ne finira certainement pas dans la poubelle !

Prix : 20 €

Paul & Joe Uptown Girl Rouge à lèvres C

19 réflexions sur “Paul & Joe : Uptown Girl 073

  1. Je suis fan de cette marque au packaging rétro depuis leur collection « Alice au pays des merveilles ». Leurs vernis sont aussi très originaux et de bonne qualité. Je suppose que tu as vu la dernière collection fards et vernis de Noël, sinon je t’invite à regarder les photos que j’ai mis dans le libellé « Beauté ».
    Bonne journée!

    • Hihi oui bien sûr je l’avais déjà vue, et j’ai d’ailleurs mis leurs vernis dans ma wishlist tant ils sont sublimes !
      Je ne sais pas ce que valent les petits fards, le seul que j’ai testé étant l’Empire State ^^
      Mais j’aime d’amour cette marque 😀

    • I don’t have any trouble speaking english 😉
      I’ve ordered all my P&J products from Asos, I just love this website, and they always go on sales too.
      My order usually arrive in 3-4 days, I guess yours shouldn’t take too long !
      I’ll check it out then !

      • Oh thank goodness, I didn’t want to be rude. 😀

        It takes a while for me, I think because I am in Los Angeles. They ship it from NY. The first few times I ordered they shipped from the U.K. and it took over a month. I think it was misplaced somehow. But it’s improved a lot since then. I hope to have them by Monday.

        If you are looking for a beautiful soft tomato red I’d like to suggest #16. It is one of the most wearable flattering colors I’ve ever used. It imparts this sort of soft glow of red upon your lips and wears really well. When it begins to fade it looks a little like a stain. I get a lot of compliments from strangers, a few make up artists too. For some reason I think it would be very universal. I know it’s hard to buy colors online because you never know what you may get.
        The eyeshadow I am expecting is empire state and I saw your picture and swatched it, it was gorgeous. I love your blog 😀

        • Rude ?? No reason, I actually enjoy a lot practicing my english LOL !

          Well I’ve only known Asos from wich is quite recent but great : free shipping for any amount, great products, many sales, all or almost all P&J products, OPI, Essie… I’m in love ! I’ve ordered more that ten times those last months

          Mmmh you’re tempting me with the red lipstick ! I love this colour but I don’t have any red one, I guess I don’t see myself wearing it going to university lol ! But each time I come across a blog photograph with a girl wearing a red lipstick, I always say to myself that I really need to get one !
          So I’ve noted down the number, and thank you for that and your lovely comment =D


          • Your english is really quite good. 😀

            Essie and OPI is cheaper here, there are so many little nail places that sell it for cheap. But I love seeing all the European brands that we can’t get over here. I was surprised they had a Japanese brand, but Asian products are fantastic. We have a big Asian community so there are a lot of opportunity for finding new things.

            It’s a really nice color, red is a hard thing to wear sometimes, this is an easy way to do it.

            • Haha thank you, doing my best ^^

              Yes I guess your brands must be so cheaper there, lucky you ! I don’t know if by Japanese brands you’re talking about Paul & Joe but in case
              you haven’t knew, P&J is a french brand ^^ But its very successful in Japan !

              I read a lot of blogs always testing japanese products but I haven’t tried them so much yet (only the DHC products). Japanese girls
              have such a beautiful skin, I believe their products must be very good !

              • We’re lucky that it’s cheaper, but it’s more dangerous because you tend to buy a lot more. My collection may one day take over my world.

                I think P&J fashion is french, but the cosmetics is produced in Japan. At least that was what one of the distributors told me. That the creative team is from there and that it is made there too. So that’s why I thought of it as Japanese.

                Oh and you can take out the lipstick and save the case. Asians tend to focus on skin care a lot. There are a lot of brands and different products. I love the masks. I have been meaning to do a post on these sort of things, but there are so many.

                • Yes I would be so tempted too ! I’ve heard that they’ve settled in Japan but I didn’t know the whole beauty group
                  was japanese, thanks for the information 😉

                  A post would be useful for me ;p

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